Petitions to Saint Anne

O Saint Anne, attract to thyself the hearts of all the faithful, for thou art the sure way that leads to Mary, and by Mary, to Jesus.

Holy Mary, Saint Anne and Saint Joachim, obtain for us that we may fear sin more than death.

Saint Anne and Saint Joachim, models of fervor, patience and submission to the will of God, obtain for us the gift of prayer with the gift of resignation in all the trials that may come upon us.

Saint Anne and Saint Joachim, true models of reverence in the temple, obtain for us the piety and fervor we ought to bring to the foot of the Holy Altar, and by your reverence to God deliver our country from the hateful sin of blasphemy.

Holy Mary, Saint Anne and Saint Joachim, extend your powerful protection over all children since they are images of the living God.

Saint Anne and Saint Joachim, perfect models of husbands and fathers, of wives and mothers, obtain for all Christian families that union and peace which are the fruits of peace and humble forbearance.

O Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and Saint Anne, help us, we beg of you. We desire to devote ourselves to your service, and to invoke you every day that we may so regulate our lives as to receive the happiness of eternal life in heaven. Amen.