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  • Congregation of Discalced Clerks of the Most Holy Cross and Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ (formal and official name)



The first house was established on Monte Argentaro, Tuscany, Italy, c.1728, although the rule had been drawn up in 1720. It was approved by Benedict XIV in 1741, and confirmed in 1769 by Clement XIV. This, with a further solemn confirmation by Pope Pius VI in 1775, secured the institute on a permanent basis. The mother-house was established on Monte Celio, Rome, Italy in 1778. The society is administered by a general, provincials, and rectors. Classed in the Church as a mendicant order, its members follow the Evangelical. Counsels to the twofold end of self-sanctification and the sanctification of others. They add a fourth vow, to promote devotion to Our Lord in His Passion. Their community life is, therefore, supplemented by missionary activities, especially in the direction of spiritual exercises and parochial duties in non-Catholic countries. They are likewise engaged in propagating the faith in the foreign mission field. More than twelve foundations made in Italy before 1810 were suppressed with other religious orders under Napoleon, but, restored c.1814 under Pope Pius VII, they were increased by numerous branch-foundations abroad, notably in England, Ireland, and the United States, and have flourished remarkably in recent years.

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