Our Lady of Sunday

Also known as

  • Notre-Dame du Dimanche


About the Apparition

An apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary to Auguste Arnaud on 8 June 1873 and 8 July 1873. Arnaud was married, the father of two, and a winemaker who regularly skipped Sunday Mass to work his vineyards. Our Lady appeared to him in the vineyard on 8 June and reminded him “You must not work on Sundays.” In honour of this blessing, Arnaud placed a cross and a statue of Mary at the site in the field. On 8 July Our Lady appeared again, this time to both Auguste and his neighbors who had gathered there, and told them, “You must never work on Sunday! Blessed are those who believe.”




  • 1876 by Bishop de Cabrières


It was around 7:30, I saw a young woman shows all dressed in white, she wore a fringed belt and her head was crowned with a high crown like a miter. A great white veil came from the top of the crown covering her hands crossing on her chest. The figure of the woman was beautiful, quiet, without expressing neither joy nor sadness. I have not seen him smile. She seemed to be between 25 and 28 years. – Auguste Arnaud’s statement

Our Lady of Sunday,
Make my heart like a beautiful vine,
Free from the disease of material concerns,
Rid of the weeds of the sin And carrying eternal fruits.
– Father Jean-Pierre Gaillard

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