Order of Minims



Founded on the same principle of organization as that of all mendicants. The society was first propagated in Italy and introduced by special royal favor into France in 1482. From France the Minims spread to Spain, and in 1497 the Emperor Maximilian introduced them into Germany. At the death of Saint Francis of Paola in 1507 there existed five provinces, spread over Italy, France, Spain, and Germany. For fifty-seven years the Minims had no written rule, but in 1493 the first rule, which was almost a copy of that of Saint Francis of Assisi, was confirmed by Pope Alexander VI. A second version of the rule which showed more independence of the Rule of Saint Francis, was approved by Pope Alexander VI in 1501. Finally a third definite text of the rule, still observed by the Minims, was confirmed by Pope Julius II in 1506. The spirit which permeates this rule is one of great penance and abnegation.

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