On the August Name of Mary, by Father Médaille

illustration for the Feast of the Holy Name of Mary from Pictorial Lives of the SaintsThe Blessed Virgin receives the name of Mary, which signifies one giving light, because she was to give to the world the Sun of justice to dispel the darkness of sin, and because she was to obtain for us the light of grace to guide us. We should rejoice in the rising of this splendid Day-star, and ask her, with confidence, to help us to withdraw from the darkness of sin and to obtain the light of grace.

“Mary” signifies Sovereign Lady. We should acknowledge her as such; we should render to her the respect, allegiance, and service this title demands, and we should do nothing unworthy of faithful subjects of so perfect a sovereign.

“Mary” signifies Bitter Sea. She had a larger share than any other person in the bitterness and afflictions of her dear Son. If our Redeemer so far honour us as to allow us to partake of His sufferings, let us accept them gratefully, and try to imitate closely the patience, generosity, and resignation of our loving Mother.