O Lingua Benedicta!

When Saint Bonaventure had the grave opened in which the remains of Saint Anthony had reposed for thirty-two years, the tongue of the saint was found well preserved and red as in the days when he preached the word of God.

O blessed tongue! that always blessed the Lord, and made others bless and praise Him; it is now manifest what great merits you do possess in the sight of God.

V/. Pray for us.
R/. That we may be made worthy, etc.

Let us Pray.

O almighty God, You who alone perform miracles, grant, we beseech You, that, as You did preserve the tongue of Your holy confessor, Saint Anthony, incorrupt after death, we, through his intercession and after his example, may be worthy of praising and blessing You forever.

Through Christ Our Lord. Amen.