New Catholic Dictionary – Saints Sergius and Bacchus


Martyrs who died c. 303. They were officers in the employ of the Emperor Maximian, Sergius being primicerius and Bacchus secundarius, and were held in high esteem by their master until they acknowledged that they were Christians. Bacchus died at Arabissus in Cappadocia under the blows inflicted at their examination. Sergius was subjected to numerous other tortures, and was finally beheaded at Resapha in Syria. This city was rebuilt by the Emperor Justinian, the name was changed to Sergiopolis, and it was made an archiepiscopal see. Many churches were built in their honor in the East and they are the titular saints of a church at Rome. They are represented in art in military garb. Sergius is patron of Syria. Emblem: a palm. Part of the relics of Saint Sergius are said to be in Rome. Feast, Roman Calendar, 7 October.

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