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Cardinal and confessor of the faith. Born in 1204 in Portello, diocese of Urgel, Spain; died 31 August 1240 at Cardona, Catalonia. Having been taken from the womb of his mother after her death, he received the name Nonnatus (not born). He became a member of the Order of Our Lady of Ransom in Barcelona and, promoted for his piety and diligence, was sent as ransomer to free the captives at al-Djaza’ir (modern Algiers). There he endured the greatest hardship and persecution because of his persistence in converting the Mohammedans. Ransomed by his Order, he returned to Spain and was made a cardinal by Pope Gregory IX. In spite of his rank he lived as a simple religious. He died of fever on the way to Rome. Patron of midwives and those falsely accused. Relics in the chapel of Saint Nicholas, Portello. Feast, Roman Calendar, 31 August.

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