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Martyr; born San Esteban, Avila, Spain, 1545; died Nagasaki, Japan, 1597. He joined the Franciscan Order, 1567, and was sent to Manila, 1583. There he worked among the natives and established several foundations of his order. In 1593 he was sent by the governor of the Philippines to negotiate with the emperor of Japan. He was received favorably, established schools, hospitals, and convents. The indiscreet boast of a Spanish sea captain that the missionaries had been sent to prepare for the conquest of Japan by Spain, aroused the anger of the emperor, and he ordered the missionaries to be imprisoned. With him were crucified six Franciscan friars, 17 native Franciscan tertiaries, and the Jesuits, Paul Miki, John Goto, and James Kisai. Patron of Japan. Canonized, 1862. Feast, 5 February.

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