New Catholic Dictionary – Saint Pascal Baylon

detail of a the painting 'Appearance of the Eucharist to Saint Paschal Baylon', Bernardo López-Piquer, 1811; Museum of Fine Arts, Valencia, Spain; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsDerivation

  • Hebrew: Pascal, Passover Lamb


Confessor of the Faith. Born in Torre-Hermosa, Aragon in 1540; died in Villareal in 1592. He spent his early years as a shepherd and even then showed the marked devotion to the Holy Eucharist which was a characteristic feature of his life; he became a Franciscan lay-brother of the Alcantarine reform. Canonized in 1690. Patron of Eucharistic associations and congresses. Relics in the Franciscan church in Valencia. Feast, Roman Calendar, 11 May.

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