New Catholic Dictionary – Saint Olaf Haraldson

statue of Saint Olaf II, date and artist unknown; photographed by Nina Aldin Thune; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsArticle

King of Norway (1015-30); martyr; born 995; died 1030. In early youth he fought in England as a viking, and after his conversion (probably in 1010 at Rouen), he was elected to the throne of Norway and labored to spread the Gospel and establish church goverument on Anglo-Saxon lines. His pagan subjects rebelled and exiled him to Russia. Two years later he returned, but fell fighting heroically in the battle of Stiklestad. His cult spread rapidly over northern Europe, and in Hart Street in London there is a church of Saint Olave. Patron of Norway. Buried in Trondhem cathedral. Feast, 29 July.

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