New Catholic Dictionary – Saint Menas

detail of an ivory pyxis carved with an image of Saint Menas, 6th century, Alexandria Egypt; swiped off the British Museum web siteArticle

(Mennas) Martyred c.295 under Diocletian. A Christian, and an Egyptian by birth, Menas served in the Roman army under the tribune Firmilian. When the army was stationed at Cotyreus in Phrygia, he retired to the mountains and served God by fasting, vigils, and prayer. After a public profession of his faith, Menas was brought before the prefect Pyrrhus, scourged, tortured, and beheaded. His body was taken to Egypt. Fame of his miracles spread rapidly, and his tomb became the object of frequent pilgrimages. An expedition in 1905 revealed ruins of the grave, well, basilica, monastery, etc., built to commemorate Saint Menas. Feast, Roman Calendar, 11 November.

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