New Catholic Dictionary – Saint Judas Thaddeus

[Saint Jude]

(Saint Jude) Apostle, brother of Saint James the Less, and one of the “Brothers of Jesus” (Luke 6; Acts 1; Matthew 10; Mark 3). He is not to be confused with Thaddeus of Edessa, one of the 72 disciples, Judas Jacobi, or Judas Simon, disciples of the Apostles. After the Lord’s Supper, Judas asked Christ why He would not manifest Himself to the world (John 14). Judas’s missionary work was performed principally in Palestine, also in Syria, Mesopotamia, and Persia. The place of his death is unknown; Beirut and Arad in Phenicia have been mentioned as possible places, and there is a tradition that he suffered martyrdom. His Epistle, addressed to all the churches in the East, and to the Jews in particular, is in some parts coincident with 2 Peter. Patron of desperate cases, and hospitals. Emblems: a sword, a square rule, and a club. Relics in Saint Peter’s, Rome, and at Toulouse. Feast, Roman Calendar, 28 October.

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