New Catholic Dictionary – Saint John the Almsgiver

detail of a painting of Saint John the Almoner; by Titian, c.1545; San Giovanni Elemosinario, Venice, Italy; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Joannes Eleemosynasius
  • Joannes Misebicors


Patriarch of Alexandria (606-616), born Amathus, Cyprus, c.550; died there, 616. The son of the governor of Cyprus, he entered the religious life at the death of his wife. During his patriarchate at Alexandria, he became widely known throughout the east for his liberality to the poor. At the fall of Alexandria, he fled to his native land, where he died. Patron of the Hospitallers. His relics were preserved in the cathedral at Presburg. Feast, 23 January.

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