New Catholic Dictionary – Saint John Eudes

detail of a photograph of St John Eudes at St Peter's Basilica in Vatican City; taken by Mary Harrsch; swiped off her flickr siteArticle

Confessor, born Ri, France, 1601; died Caen, France, 1680. He was instructed in religion and learning by the Jesuits at Caen, and ordained, 20 December 1625. Working valiantly among his plague-stricken countrymen he became known as one of the greatest missionaries of his day. He established the Congregation of Our Lady of Charity, and in 1643 the Society of Jesus and Mary. Through his efforts, devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Holy Heart of Mary became widespread. He wrote a great many religious books. Canonized, 1925. Feast, Roman Calendar, 19 August.

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