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Confessor, born Sulmona, Italy, 1385; died Hungary, 1456. He received his degree of Doctor of Laws at Perugia, was affiliated with the Ghibelline party, appointed governor of Perugia under King Ladislaus of Naples, and imprisoned by Malatesta who was at war with Perugia. In 1416 he became a Franciscan and traveled through Italy after his ordination, preaching and performing miracles of healing, and assisting Saint Bernardine of Siena in reforming the Order. In 1431 he was made commissary general of that branch of the Franciscans known as Observants. He defended himself and his companions against the charge of heresy. He was employed as papal legate on numerous occasions, and was the leading spirit in the crusade against the Turks in Hungary where he led the left wing of the Christian army at the battle of Belgrade. Canonized, 1724. Relics in Orthodox monastery of Bistritz, Rumania. Feast, Roman Calendar, 28 March.

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