New Catholic Dictionary – Saint John Baptist de Rossi

detail of a portrait of Saint Giovanni Battista Rossi, 1781, by Gianantonio Mardsocci; swiped off Wikimedia CommonsArticle

Confessor, born Voltaggio, Italy, 1698; died Rome, Italy, 1764. He was ordained in 1721, but having through indiscreet practises of mortification contracted spells of epilepsy, he fulfilled the duties of the sacred ministry by instructing and preaching to the poor of the Campagna, thus becoming known as the apostle of the abandoned, and winning many sinners to repentance. In 1731 he established near Saint Galla a house of refuge for the homeless. In 1735 he was compelled to accept a canonry at Saint Mary in Cosmedin, vacated by the death of a relative. He was subsequently induced to hear confessions and was given the unusual faculty to do so in any of the churches of Rome, in the exercise of which privilege he displayed extraordinary zeal. Canonized, 1881. Relics in Saints Trinita. Feast, 23 May.

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