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Martyrs, died near Pozzuoli, Italy, c.305. Januarius, a native of Benevento, was bishop of that city during the persecution of Diocletian. Sosius, deacon of Misenas, Proculus, deacon of Pozzuoli, Eutyches and Acutius, prominent laymen, imprisoned for the Faith, were visited by Januarius who consoled and encouraged them. He in turn was arrested with his deacon, Festus, and Desiderius, lector. They were beheaded after having been subjected to atrocious torments. The relics of Saint Januarius are in a chapel of the cathedral of Naples, where they have wrought many miracles, the greatest of which is the stopping of eruptions of Mount Vesuvius on several occasions. The famous “Miracle of Saint Januarius,” the liquefaction of his blood (which is kept in a glass phial) seldom fails to occur 18 times during the year when the reliquary is exposed and placed near his head, and no natural explanation has been found for it. Patron of Naples. Feast, 19 September.

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