New Catholic Dictionary – Saint Jane Frances de Chantal

detail of a portrait of Saint Jeanne de Chantal, date unknown, artist unknown; swiped off the Wikimedia web siteArticle

Foundress of the Visitation Congregation, born Dijon, France, 1572; died Visitation Convent, Moulins, France, 1641. She married Baron de Chantal, 1592, and was left a widow with four children, 1601. While visiting at Dijon, 1604, she heard Saint Francis de Sales preach; a correspondence began between them, and he became her spiritual director. Having provided for the welfare of her children, she went to Annecy with her two daughters and established the Congregation of the Visitation, 1610. She spent the rest of her life in the cloister, but supervised the growth of the Order. Eighty-six houses were established before her death. Her literary works comprise letters, and instructions on the religious life. Canonized, 1767. Body in basilica near Annecy, France. Feast, Roman Calendar, 21 August.

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