New Catholic Dictionary – Saint Isidore of Seville

painting of Saint Isidore reading, Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, mid 17th centuryArticle

Confessor, Doctor of the Church, Bishop of Seville, born Cartagena, Spain, 560; died Seville, Spain, 636. He was younger brother to Saint Fulgentius of Astigi and Saint Florentina, and succeeded his brother Leander to the See of Seville in 599. During his episcopacy he devoted his energies to promoting science, establishing schools and convents, and welding into a homogeneous nation the various peoples composing the Hispano-Gothic kingdom. He presided over the synod of Seville, 619, and the synod of Toledo, 633. He is important for his literary work, and mastered all branches of knowledge of his day. Emblems: bees and a pen. Relics in own church, Leon. Feast, Roman Calendar, 4 April.

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