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Martyr, Bishop of Antioch, born Syria, c.50; died Rome, Italy, 107. He was known also as Theophoros, “God-Bearer,” and from that, was said to have been the infant whom Christ took up in His arms (Mark 9). Saint Peter appointed Ignatius Bishop of Antioch, and he vigilantly protected his flock during the persecution of Domitian. Trajan sent him in chains to Rome; during this last journey he was welcomed by the faithful of Smyrna, Troas, and other places along the way; he addressed epistles, of supreme interest and value, to various congregations, for, as a disciple of the Apostles, Ignatius testifies to the dogmatic character of Apostolic Christianity. His name occurs in the “Nobis quoque peccatoribus” in the Canon of the Mass. Relics at Rome. Feast, Roman Calendar, 1 February.

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