New Catholic Dictionary – Saint Hyacintha Mariscotti

detail of a painting of Sainte Giacinta Marescotti; Domenico Corvi, late 18th century; swiped from Wikimedi CommonsArticle

Virgin, Franciscan tertiary and foundress of the Sacconi, born Vignanello, Italy, 1585; died Viterbo, Italy, 1640. After a frivolous youth and disappointment in love, she entered Saint Bernardine’s convent, Viterbo, where for ten years she lived in unbefitting luxury; then, touched by grace, she repented and gave herself up to a life of charity and intense mortification, nursing the plague-stricken and establishing the Sacconi, or Oblates of Mary, for the relief of the poor and aged. Canonized, 1807. Feast, 30 January.

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