New Catholic Dictionary – Saint Hilary

statue of Saint Hilaire of Poitier; by Franz Anton Koch, 1742; Saint Michael parish church, Mondsee, Upper Austria; photgraphed on 11 May 2009 by Wolfgang Sauber; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsArticle

Latin: joyful. Doctor of the Church, Bishop of Poitiers; born Poitiers, France; died there, 368. Brought up in paganism, he later embraced the Catholic Faith and in 350 was made Bishop of Poitiers. Opposing the introduction of Arianism into Gaul, he was exiled to Phrygia, 356, where he assisted at the synod of Seleucia, 359; so well did he defend the Church against the Arians that the heretics had him sent back to Gaul, 361. Invoked against snakes. Emblems: a stick, and pen. Relics burnt by the Calvinists in 1572. Feast, Roman Calendar, 14 January.

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