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Abbot, born Tabatha, near Gaza, Palestine, c.291; died Paphos, island of Cyprus, 371. While studying at Alexandria he was converted to Christianity; he visited Saint Anthony in the desert, and stayed with him for two months. Returning to Palestine, 307, and finding both his parents dead, he distributed his wealth among the poor, and retired to a little hut in the desert of Majuma near Gaza, where he lived as a hermit. He fasted rigorously, for six years taking only fifteen figs a day which he ate at sunset, and supported himself by weaving baskets. The miraculous cures and exorcisms which he effected attracted numerous disciples to him, 329. He returned to Egypt, 360, to seek greater solitude, journeyed to Sicily and for some time lived as an anchorite near Pachinum; but his disciples discovered his retreat and again surrounded him. He went then to Dalmatia, and later to the island of Cyprus where he spent the remaining years of his life. Hilarion is honored as the founder of the anchoritic life in Palestine. Relics at Majuma. Feast, Roman Calendar, 21 October.

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