New Catholic Dictionary – Saint Hermengild

detail from the painting 'The Triumph of Hermengild'; by Francisco de Herrera the Younger, 1654, oil on canvas; Museo del Prado, Madrid, Spain; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsArticle

Martyr, died 585. Son of Leovigild the Visigoth king, a follower of the Arian heresy, he married the Catholic princess of the Franks, and was converted to the faith by Saint Leander, Bishop of Seville. He took arms against his father in defense of the Catholics; betrayed by the Byzantines, he was captured in 583 by Leovigild who brought him in chains to Toledo, stripped him of his royal garments, and banished him to Valencia. What his fate was after that is not certain; however, Gregory the Great relates that Leovigild sent an Arian bishop to him on Easter Eve, 585; upon refusing to receive communion from the heretic bishop, Hermengild was beheaded. He is invoked against thunderstorms, drought, and inundations. Relics at Seville, Spain. Feast, Roman Calendar, 13 April.

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