New Catholic Dictionary – Saint Fursey


Confessor, Abbot of Lagny; born Clonfert, Ireland; died Forsheim, France, 650. He was baptized by his great-uncle, Saint Brendan the voyager, and entered his monastery of Inisquin. Some years later he founded the monastery of Rathmat, where he was joined by his brothers Saint Foillan and Saint Ultan. He then passed 12 years in missionary work in Ireland, and c.633 proceeded to East Anglia, where he erected the monastery of Cnobheresburg and evangelized the Saxons. Forced to disband his monks owing to a war, he migrated to France, where he preached in Normandy and Neustria and established a monastery at Lagny near Chelles. Represented in art with two oxen at his feet; striking water from the soil at Lagny; beholding a vision of angels; or gazing at the flames of purgatory and hell. Relics at Peronne. Feast, 16 January.

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