New Catholic Dictionary – Saint Francis de Sales


Doctor of the Church, Bishop of Geneva, born Thorens, Savoy, 1567; died Lyons, France, 1622. He studied at the College of Clermont in Paris, where he began a course in theology and took a vow of chastity, consecrating himself to the Blessed Virgin Mary; he received his doctorate in law at Padua, 1592. Against the will of his father he entered the priesthood and was ordained, 1593; he was appointed coadjutor to Claude de Granier, Bishop of Geneva, whom he succeeded, 1602. In collaboration with Saint Jane de Chantal he founded the Visitation Order for nursing the sick and teaching. He became famous for his sermons and writings. Patron of journalists. Canonized, 1665. Relics near Annecy. Feast, Roman Calendar, 29 January.

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