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Confessor, founder of the Order of the Holy Trinity for the Redemption of Captives, born province of Valois, France, 1127; died Cerfroi, 1212. Of the noble family of Valois, he renounced all his possessions at an early age, to live a life of prayer and contemplation in a forest in the Diocese of Meaux. Here he was joined by Saint John of Matha, with whom he founded the Order of Trinitarians for the ransom of Christians held as slaves by the Moors of Spain and Northern Africa. They raised vast sums of money by parading in public as the people threw down to them their gold and precious stones. Saint Felix labored in France, where he established the monastery of Cerfroi and looked after the interests of the congregation. Emblems: slave, flag, and purse. He was buried in the church of Cerfroi and his tomb became the object of frequent pilgrimages. Canonized, 1262. Feast, Roman Calendar, 20 November.

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