New Catholic Dictionary – Saint Fabius Claudius Gordianus Fulgentius

detail of a 17th century portrait of Saint Fulgentius of RuspeArticle

Father of the Church (468533), Bishop of Ruspe, Africa, born Telepte. He was appointed provincial fiscal procurator, but soon entered a monastery, was ordained, and became superior. At that time the Arian persecutions had ceased, but the election of Catholic bishops was forbidden. In 508 it became necessary to defy the law, and bishops were consecrated, Fulgentius being chosen for Ruspe. Soon all the new bishops were exiled to Sardinia. Fulgentius was invited back to Carthage to hold a disputation, c.515, and successfully refuted his Arian opponents. He was sent back to Sardinia where he erected a monastery, and wrote many fine treatises, sermons, and letters. In 523 the accession of Hilderic brought peace to the African church and Fulgentius returned to his diocese. Relics partly at Bourges. Feast, 1 January.

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