New Catholic Dictionary – Saint Eligius

detail from the painting 'Saint Eligius, as a Goldsmith, Hands the Wedding Couple a Ring', by Petrus Christus, 1469, oil on wood, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New YorkAlso known as

  • Saint Eloi


Confessor, Bishop of Noyon, born Chaptelat, near Limoges, France, c.590; died Noyon, 659. A master goldsmith, he was placed in charge of the mint under King Clotaire, whose son and successor Dagobert made him his chief councilor. He was a source of edification at court, building and restoring several basilicas and monasteries, the most important of which was at Solignac, 632, where he introduced the Irish monastic rule. On the death of Dagobert, 639, he left court and entered the priesthood, becoming Bishop of Noyon, 640. He converted the numerous pagan tribes in his diocese and continued his work of building churches and monasteries. Patron of goldsmiths, blacksmiths, and workers in metals. Represented wearing the garb of a bishop, crosier in hand, and in his left hand a miniature church chased in gold. Relics in Noyon cathedral. Feast, 1 December.

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