New Catholic Dictionary – Saint Catherine of Alexandria

15th century wooden sculpture of Saint Catherine of Alexandria in the Sankt Franziskuskirche, Zwillbrock, Germany; swiped off WikipediaArticle

(305) Virgin, martyr, died Alexandria, Egypt. Of royal blood and great learning, she appeared at the age of 18 before the Emperor Maximinus, and endeavored to dissuade him from worship of false gods; her eloquence converted so many that she was condemned to die on the wheel but, at her touch, the instrument was miraculously destroyed. She was beheaded and an angel carried her body to Mount Sinai where a church and monastery were dedicated to her. Her cult was very popular in the Middle Ages and she is numbered among the Fourteen Holy Helpers. Patroness of philosophers, the arts, wheelwrights, wagonmakers, teachers, students, and jurists. Emblems: a wheel, lamb, and sword. Her name occurs in the Ambrosian Canon of the Mass. Relics in monastery at the foot of Mount Sinai. Feast, Roman Calendar, 25 November.

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