New Catholic Dictionary – Saint Cajetan

detail of a statue of Saint Cayetano, date unknown, artist unknown; Metropolitan Cathedral of Buenos Aires, Argentina; photographed on 9 March 2013 by Barcex; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsArticle

(Gaetano, Saint) (14801547) Confessor, founder of the Theatines, born Vicenza, Italy; died Naples, Italy. He was made prothonotary Apostolic at the court of Pope Julius II in 1506 and was instrumental in effecting a reconciliation between the Holy See and the Republic of Venice. Retiring from court life in 1513 he founded a society of priests and prelates called the Oratory of Divine Love, and was himself ordained priest, 1516. On his return to his native city he founded a hospital for incurables. In 1523 he went to Rome where he established the Congregation of Clerks Regular, known as Theatines, combining the spirit of monasticism with active ministry. At Venice he became associated with Saint Jerome Emiliani, whom he aided in founding another order of clerks regular, the Somaschi. Emblem: apparition of the Blessed Virgin. Canonized, 1671. Relics in church of Saint Paul, Naples. Feast, Roman Calendar, 7 August.

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