New Catholic Dictionary – Saint Benno


(10101106) Confessor. Bishop of Meissen, born Hildesheim, Prussia; died Meissen, Saxony. He became a monk and Abbot of Saint Michael’s, Hildesheim, and was later made master of the canons of Goslar. In 1066 he was consecrated Bishop of Meissen. He joined the Saxon revolt against the emperor, Henry IV, but was captured and imprisoned for a year. Deposed by the Synod of Mainz, 1085, for championing Pope Gregory VII, he was reinstated in 1088, when he recognized the antipope Clement III; however, he was later loyal to Urban II, the legitimate pontiff. He labored to convert the Slavs, established numerous religious edifices, and is said to have founded the cathedral of Meissen. Patron of Munich. Emblems: a fish, and a key. Canonized, 1523. Relics in the cathedral at Munich. Feast, 16 June.

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