New Catholic Dictionary – Pope Saint Zachary

Pope Saint ZacharyAlso known as

  • Zacharias


  • Hebrew: zachariali, remembered by Jehovah


(741-752) Born Calabria, Italy, of Greek parentage; died Rome. As pope, by personal influence he concluded a peace between the Roman duchy and the Lombards, whom he induced to abandon the attack on Ravenna. He held a synod in Rome, 743, to regulate Church discipline; encouraged the missionary work of Saint Boniface in Germany, and extended his work to France; and confirmed the election of Pepin, mayor of the palace, I as King of the Franks, after the decay of the Merovingian dynasty. In the vicinity of Rome he established agricultural colonies, coined money, and built churches and dwelling-places for the poor. He translated into Greek the “Dialogues” of Saint Gregory I. Feast, 13 March.

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