New Catholic Dictionary – Pope Saint Sixtus II

detail from 'Saint Sixtus Ordains Saint Lawrence', by Fra Angelico, c.1448, Cappella Niccolina, Palazzi Pontifici, VaticanDerivation

  • Latin: semtus, the sixth


Reigned from 30 August 257 to 6 August 258. Martyred in Rome on 6 August 258. Although, like his predecessors, he upheld the Roman usage of not rebaptizing heretics, he reconciled the Churches of Africa and Asia Minor who were nearing a schism on the subject. He fell under the edict of Valerian which condemned to deathall bishops, priests, and deacons; his name occurs in the prayer Communicantes in the Canon of the Mass. Feast, Roman Calendar, 7 August.

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