New Catholic Dictionary – Pope Saint Sergius I

portrait of Saint Sergius I taken from 'Effigies Pontificum Romanorum Dominici Basae'Article

Born in Palermo, Sicily. Ascended to the papacy on 15 December 687 in Antioch, Syria; died in 7 September 701 in Rome, Italy. During his pontificate many Englishmen visited Rome. He baptized Caedwalla, King of the West Saxons in 689. Installed Saint Wilfrid in the See of Canterbury. Sent Willibrord as missionary to the Frisians. Received at Rome monks from the monastery of Saints Peter and Paul, and Aldhelm, the practical founder of Malmesbury Abbey. He confirmed the election of the first doge of Venice in 700. Extinguished the Three Chapters schism in Aquileia. Incorporated the Agnus Dei in the Mass. Beautified many basilicas. He refused to sign the decrees of the Trullan Council in 692, and was protected by the Romans from the cruelty of Emperor Justinian II. Feast, 9 September.

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