New Catholic Dictionary – Pope Saint Gelasius I

detail of a bas-relief portrait medallion of Pope Saint Gelasius I, date and artist unknown; Saint Peter's Basilica, Rome, ItalyArticle

Reigned from 1 March 492 to 21 November 496. Born in Rome, Italy; died there. As pope he undertook to settle the question of the Acacian Schism, an offshoot of Arianism. It took its name and importance from Acacius, Bishop of Caesarea, who rejected the term “consubstantial” but agreed to a “likeness” between the Father and the Son. Gelasius insisted on the primacy of the bishops of Rome, banished the festival of Lupercalia, and ordered communion to be received under two forms, bread and wine. By this means he separated the wine-refusing Manicheans from the Catholics. He organized and beautified the liturgy, and ranks high as a writer of that period. Feast, Roman Calendar, 21 November.

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