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Reigned from 19 August 1458 to 14 August 1464. Born on 18 October 1405 in Corsignano, Italy as Ænea Silvio de’ Piccolomini; died on 14 August 1464 in Ancona, Italy. Æneas Silvius was one of the foremost humanists of his age, and noted as a poet, historian, and statesman. Emperor Frederick III made him poet-laureate at his court. After a dissolute youth he entered the priesthood and labored zealously for the papacy; for his diplomatic successes he was made Bishop of Trieste, and of Siena. When elected he continued his literary work, devoting much time to his autobiography, unique in the history of the papacy, and to his geographical history which is said to have influenced Columbus. Due to the apathy of Christian princes he labored in vain to free Europe from the Turkish domination and he died at the mustering-place of the Crusaders as he was about to lead the expedition himself.

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