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Reigned from 13 August 1099 to 21 January 1118. Born c.1055 at Bieda, Galeata, Italy as Rainebius; died in Rome, Italy. He was a Benedictine, cardinal-priest, and a member of the papal court under Pope Gregory VII and Pope Urban II. As pope, his policy, which was to secure the prerogative of investiture against the influence of the State, brought him in conflict with the emperors Henry IV and Henry V. During his pontificate four anti-popes found imperial favor, Guibert, Theodoric, Aleric, and Maginulf. In 1111 Henry V advanced on Rome and imprisoned Paschal, who was freed when he signed a concordat promising never to excommunicate Henry, and to crown him emperor. All Christendom rebelled against these terms and Paschal withdrew his promise, and excommunicated Henry in 1112. The latter now undertook to subsidize all expeditions against the pope, who died soon after. Paschal is renowned as a disciplinarian and an administrator who brought the papacy into direct communication with the people.

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