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Reigned from 11 November 1417 to 20 February 1431. Born in 1368 in Genazzano, Italy as Oddone Colonna; died in 1431 in Rome, Italy. He was nuncio to various Italian courts, administrator of the diocese of Palestrina, and cardinaldeacon. He deserted the lawful pope Gregory XII and was himself elected by the Council of Constance, which he dissolved in 1418. He concluded concordats with Germany, France, England, and Spain, and was able to reach Rome with the aid of Queen Joanna of Naples. Peace was secured with the Braccio di Montone who restored all but four of his conquests; and Bologna submitted to the pope. He ordered a crusade against the Hussites, limited the Gallican liberties, and did much to overthrow the theory of conciliar supremacy.

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