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Reigned from 17 October 1404 to 6 November 1406. Born c.1336 at Sulmona, Italy at Cosimo de’ Migliorati; died on 6 November 1406 at Rome, Italy. Bishop of Bologna, Italy. Archbishop of Ravenna. Cardinal-priest. Elected 218th pope during the Great Schism, with Benedict XIII as rival pope at Avignon. Despite his good will, he did practically nothing for the suppression of the schism, owing to the troubled state of affairs in Rome, his distrust of the sincerity of Benedict XIII, and the hostile attitude of Ladislas of Naples. He elevated to the cardinalate his unworthy nephew, Ludovico, who murdered some of his uncle’s opponents. Although the pope was in no way responsible, he was obliged to flee to Viterbo, from whence he was soon recalled by the people of Rome.

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