New Catholic Dictionary – Pope Eugene IV


Reigned from 3 March 1431 to 23 February 1447. Born in Venice, Italy in 1383 as Gabriello Condulmaro or Condulmerio; died in Rome, Italy on 23 February 1447. When a youth he distributed his wealth to the poor and became an Augustinian hermit, then Bishop of Siena, and Cardinal-priest of Saint Clement. As pope, hatred of nepotism brought him in conflict with the Colonna family. Believing the Council of Basel unsuccessful, he ordered it to dissolve. The prelates refused, insisted that a council was superior to the pope, and ordered him to appear with the cardinals at its meetings. Refusing, he was exiled by his enemies and resided at Florence, Italy for nearly 10 years. When the Basel schismatics decided on union with the Greeks he convened a council at Ferarara which resulted in the Decree of Union, 1439. The schismatics elected the anti-pope Amadeus of Savoy, but the Christian nations reinstated the legitimate pontiff. On the eve of his death he signed the Frankfort Concordat, in respect to which he declared that it was not his intention to diminish the rights of the papacy.

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