New Catholic Dictionary – Blessed Raymond Lully

Blessed Raymond LullMeaning

  • Teutonic: wise protection


Known as the Doctor Illuminatus. Born in 1232 in Pilma, Majorca Island; died in 1315 near Cabrera Island. During the early years of his life, he was prominent at the court of King James the Conqueror. By a heavenly apparition he was inspired to convert the Mohammedans. In 1266 he became a member of the Third Order of Saint Francis. After a brief effort to propagate Christianity at Tunis, he was forced to leave and go to Naples. He taught physics at Paris for some time and then began missionary work in Armenia, Cyprus, and Egypt. His teaching is characterized by a rationalistic mysticism by which he identified theology with philosophy, failing to discriminate between natural and supernatural truth. The Church, fearing the dangers that might follow from so extreme a rationalism has withheld his canonization. He was stoned at Bougie, Africa, and died from the wounds. Relics in cathedral of Palma. Feast, 3 July; O.F.M., 27 November.

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