New Catholic Dictionary – Blessed Rabanus Maurus

Blessed Rabanus Maurus presenting his work to Pope Gregory IVArticle

Also spelled Rhabanus, or Hrabanus. Archbishop of Mainz, German Born in Mainz, Germany, c.780; died at Winkel, German in 856. He joined the Benedictines at Fulda, became a pupil of Saint Alcuin at Tours, and returning to Fulda, taught there and became principal of the school. In 814 he was ordained and in 822 was made abbot of the monastery. His rule was distinguished by material, intellectual, and spiritual progress. His resignation was probably forced by King Louis the German, whom he had opposed in favor of Lothair. Rabanus became Archbishop of Mainz in 847. During his episcopacy he held three important synods. He left commentaries on the Scriptures, a martyrology, and other religious works. His relics were lost at Halle during the Reformation. Feast, 4 February.

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