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Martyr, born Passavant, France, 1803; died Cochin, China, 1835. He entered the seminary at Orsan, 1821, was transferred to Besançon, and was ordained a priest of the Society of Foreign Missions of Paris. Appointed to Cochin China he reached the field of his Apostolic labors, 1830. After two years in that country, he was offered the position of head of the Foreign Mission Seminary at Paris. He declined this offer, and for his disinterested zeal received a larger district in the province of Binh-Thuean. In 1833 a decree was issued for the arrest of all European missionaries. Father Marchand was made prisoner and taken to Saigon, where he was held for 18 months. Saigon was besieged 1835, Father Marchand was put in chains, and accused of high treason. He was conducted in a cage of Hue, tortured with hot pincers, and finally brought to the Christian village of Thoduck, and; cut into pieces. His dead body was chopped up and thrown into the sea; his head, after three days’ exposure, was treated in the same way. Beatification, 1900.

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