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Confessor, founder of the Jesuats, born Siena, Italy, 1300; died on the way to Acquapendente, 1367. He belonged to an old patrician family and his wealth enabled him to hold a position of great prominence and influence, but his married life was marred by his avarice, ambition, and proneness to anger. After a passionate outburst he was converted by reading the Life of Saint Mary of Egypt. Thereafter he was distinguished for humility, meekness, and liberality to the poor, culminating in his dividing among them all his possessions. With Francis Mini he established a society of laymen for the practise of charity, based at first upon the Rule of Saint Benedict, later on the Rule of Saint Augustine, and called Jesuats. Many miracles occurred at his tomb. He is represented caring for the sick, and grinding down the riches of the earth beneath his feet. Feast, 31 July.

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