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Martyr, Bishop of Tabraka, born Lezoun, France, 1750; died Tschantu, China, 1815. He entered the Society of Foreign Missions of Paris, and set out for the Chinese province of Szechuan, 1775, where he was to labor among the heathens. During the persecution in China, 1784, Father Dufresse presented himself to the mandarin. He was removed to Peking but after an imprisonment of six months, was released. After this he went to Macao with Bishop Caradre, and returned to his former mission, 1788. Consecrated bishop at Tschantin, 1800, Father Dufresse received the title of titular Bishop of Tabraka. In 1815 he was seized, conveyed to Sintsinhien, later to Tschantu, imprisoned, and finally beheaded. His head was fastened to a pole to frighten Christians; his blood was gathered up by a few followers and distributed among the faithful of the vicinity. After being exposed three days, his body was removed and buried by some Christians. Beatification, 1900.

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