New Catholic Dictionary – Anna


  • Hebrew: grace


1) The pious and patient mother of Samuel. Vexed at the affronts cast at her, long sterility, she made a vow, that should God put an end to her barrenness, she would consecrate her son to God (I Kings 1). Samuel’s birth was the fruit of her prayers and tears. She brought Samuel to Heli, the high priest, and consecrated him to God. In the joy of seeing her hopes realized, Anna chanted the sublime Canticle of Anna (1 Kings 2). She is regarded as an image of the Church: persecuted in the beginning, and later fruitful and glorious.

2) Wife of Tobias, who was taken with him into captivity by Salmanasar (Tobit 1).

3) A prophetess, daughter of Phanuel, of the tribe of Aser; the widow in the Temple who recognized Jesus, when presented to the Lord, as the Redeemer (Luke 2).

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