New Catholic Dictionary – Adam

detail of the image of Adam from the Sistine Chapel by MichelangeloDerivation

  • Hebrew: man


The first man and father of the human race. God made him in His own image, and placed him in the Garden of Eden. He made a woman, Eve, from the rib of Adam and gave her to him for a wife. Adam and Eve were tempted by the devil, disguised as a serpent, to disobey God by eating of the tree of knowledge. For their sin God expelled them from Paradise and they were condemned to pain and hardship in the outer world. Adam was the father of Cain and Abel, of Seth when he was 130 years old, and of many sons and daughters. He died at the age of 930 according to the scriptural computation. In the New Testament Saint Paul alludes to Christ as the “last Adam,” through whom all are saved, as in the first Adam all inherited the effect of his sin.

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