My Bible History, OT 02 – The Battle of the Angels

The Battle of the AngelsGod made Angels to adore Him and carry out His commands. They are pure spirits, that is, they have souls only, and no bodies. This is why we cannot see Angels.

God wanted the Angels to live forever in heaven with Him. He made them so beautiful that we cannot imagine their loveliness. When He made them, they were all perfectly beautiful, good and holy. They were in the greace of God, and very happy with Him.

Of all the Angels, the most wonderful for his glory and beauty was Lucifer (which means “Bearer of Light”). This beauty and glory had all come from God. But instead of blessing his Creator, Lucifer became very proud of himself. At last he came to think of himself as great as God.

Lucifer cried out against God, “I will not obey!” Having tempted other Angels to join him, he led them in revolt against God, crying, “I will be like the Most High!”

Now the Archangel Michael love God and was faithful. He cried, “Who is like God?” He called good Angels to join him against Lucifer and his wicked angels, and a great battle took place. Michael and his good angels drove Lucifer and the wicked ones into hell.

Lucifer, who was all glory and beauty, is now called Satan, the devil, the demon. No one can imagine his wickedness and ugliness, and the bad angels in hell are devils like their head, Satan.

God rewarded the good angels with everlasting happiness with Him in Heaven. But God punished Satan and the other devils in hell forever.

There are nine choirs of Angels: seraphim, cherubim, dominations, thrones, virtues, pincipalities, powers, archangels and angels.

Among the angels, the ones especially given charge of men are the Guardian Angels. They guard and protect us, and inspire us with good thoughts. They are always near us; we should always try to listen to their advice, and pray to them in all dangers. Each of us has a Guardian Angel into whose care God gave us, because He loves us so much.

Devils may tempt us to sin, but with the grace of God, we can fight against these temptations. We must fly from temptations and occasions of sin.

– from My Bible History in Pictures, by Bishop Louis LaRavoire Morrow, D.D., 1934; it has the Imprimatur of Archbishop Michael J O’Doherty of Manila, PHilippines